What drives us?

Things have always been unconventional at Lokarpan. Even in its earlier years, people at Lokarpan never settled for anything less than the best. In the years that followed, our entire staff would collaborate and exchange ideas on solutions that can change the world.

Real change takes time, and H.V. Singh was a patient man. He held a sincere belief that every community member must share the responsibility of true transformation. His irresistible optimism for a better future inspired him to build the organisation to give everyone, regardless of his or her background, the same opportunities awarded to him. 

In 1996, he founded Lokarpan and oversaw progress on some of the toughest issues communities had faced for decades- high child mortality, unemployment, social taboos and poor quality education. The organisation helped revitalise the communities, reform the education system and rescue mothers and their children from neonatal complications.

For 22 years, we have worked closely with communities to identify their needs and aspirations in order to serve them.While we lost a visionary in H.V. Singh, Lokarpan carries his ideals, passion and values forward. We participate where we can make a difference. We design unique solutions to real world problems that have helped us be leaders in the field of Healthcare and Education.

Today, Lokarpan is working on a next generation of fully immersive and cross compatible technologies that will be the most effective education tools ever built, capable of improving learning outcomes in students and tracking student and teacher performance.