Lokarpan was established in November 1996 as an independent development organization with a mandate to serve the rural poor. It was founded by a group of citizens, under the guidance of Shri H.V. Singh, all of whom were concerned about poverty and inequity in rural areas. The founders had a belief that rather than supporting the people from outside it was more prudent to develop their capabilities in helping themselves. This is why Lokarpan strives to organize and empower rural poor to promote development as a liberating force aimed at social justice, economic growth and self-reliance.
The organization began its journey by identifying the needs and aspirations of communities and working with them for their attainment. This approach helped us outline the broad thematic areas to explore and design specific projects. Over the last twenty one years, Lokarpan has developed a strategy that is based on community participation and provides sustainable solutions for developmental challenges faced by the community.
Lokarpan's work with CRS, PACS, USAID, Government of India and Uttar Pradesh- along with various other partners and donors- has allowed us to network and synergize with several NGOs and groups. This has also brought about significant learning for the organization, and we are better prepared for the future of inclusive development and inspiring change.
How are we different?
Sector specialist trainers
Great networking partners
Locally trained staff
Grassroots infrastructure

3 CSO Partners

2 Districts

80 Gramsabhas

Poorest Areas Civil Society Programme

Community Health
Economic Development