The Mission
Lokarpan offers solutions to empower communities living in stress.
Lokarpan was established by H.V. Singh in 1996 to commemorate a vision to enable poor, rural communities to improve their social and economic conditions through participatory projects in health, education, income generation through training and convergence, and veterinary care.
Innovate solutions that are sustainable.
Our goal is to improve the socioeconomic status of rural India. We are working hard to ensure that our projects provide the necessary support and resources to our beneficiaries. Lokarpan supports its partners with capacity building, institutional development, planning, review, financial management, documentation and overall supportive supervision.
Create connections that make a difference.
Lokarpan strives to create a world where individuals have dignity and self-respect. A world where people respect each other across the barriers of poverty, gender, caste and religion. Over the years, Lokarpan has driven incredible growth and created entirely new opportunities for our beneficiaries.
Schools face unique challenges. Lokarpan has made an impact on over 14000 children through our education programmes. Lokarpan is working hard to advance the educational curriculum and build better infrastructure.
Cluster School Students
Early Childhood Development Centres
Students in Residential Bridge Centres
The Kith n Kin School
Lokarpan reinvents the school
Building a scalable management model for low cost private schools that can outperform its urban peers.
At Kith n Kin, everything we do is geared toward a whole-child, personalized approach to education that fosters student agency. To facilitate this, our educators work to develop holistic learning experiences.
Training teachers
Lokarpan professionals provide the necessary guidance to help teachers be better in the classroom. To make teaching more fun, the Lokarpan Education team works closely with locally trained teachers. We are developing assistive technologies to ensure that lessons are interactive and child engagement is high. The Hybrid Platform is a leapfrog product to deploy amazing learning tools and analytics for our teachers.
Up to
7200 hr
of teaching
Give us your support
Lokarpan is a small nonprofit with a big dream.
We love Education. We believe every child deserves to achieve their maximum potential.
School parity and inclusive quality education is still a pipe dream for many Indian children.
We rely on support from people like you to help us realise that dream for all children. Learn more about getting involved today.